About Majestic

Majestic cinema 50/50 Frequency 11679 horizontal presents the unique idea that offer the viewer of Arabic and foreign movies, the first one and only channel that presents both kind of movies in the same channel, a movie  after the other 50/50 all HD from award winning, box office ,classics, amazing cartoons to adult only cinema….

The channel also has many other surprising ways to display the 50/50 idea to the audience 

With the 50/50 idea we are targeting all the segments of the society with all ages and different cultures, each of them will find what suits him/her in Majestic cinema channel. We are the only channel that renewed the idea of viewing Tom&Jerry cartoon before every movie like the 80s in the cinema theaters. 

We provide our client of advertisers numerous platforms that reach 300 million people from Qatar to Mauritania and some of Africa's countries such as Chad, Niger, Senegal and all the Arabic countries covered by the Nile Sat.

P.S: the channel does not accept any outside aids, grants or funding…

11697 H/27500 V